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    Posted on May 9, 2012 by in Just Farmers

    The term “just a farmer” can mean a lot of things.

    For several in agriculture it’s a negative connotation as it implies that farmers are “just” and nothing more. It’s obvious to those well connected to agriculture that this is not true as even the simplest of farmers are far more than “just,” and their responsibilities reach far past farming in their day to day interactions.

    While this website is run by three farmers, the term Just Farmers has nothing at all to do with agriculture, instead it is about growing and cultivation relationships. In a sense we are farming conversations that in most cases have nothing at all to do with agriculture.

    Personally for me it has a completely different meaning, one that I hold dear in my memories. Two of the old time farmers I learned the most from as grew up, my grandfather Don Haley and his good friend Richard Zimmerman, both had a poem read at their funeral titled “I’m Just A Farmer, Plain and Simple” by Bobby Collier. They both lived a long life of ninety years and saw several changes in agriculture throughout their life but in all they both were farmers through and through and that is how they will always be remembered in my heart.

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