Home Again

As I returned home from my trips this month I have to appreciate being able to come home to a place like this and enjoy just doing things at my own pace.  Also enjoy being in a place that knows how to handle the 6 inches of snow that we are suppose to receive tonight.

Long's Cutie W25

Let me do a little recap on the past month, we started out by heading to beautiful warm Atlanta, GA and the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF) Annual Meeting, well that was the plan until we arived and Atlanta got hit by what they consided a big storm.  The city received something like 3.5 – 4 inches of snow and then some freezing rain, which shut down the entire city for days, no driving, no flying and it was even hard to walk outside.   Despite this craziness we had a great meeting and got to visit with some wonderful friends from around the country.  At the meeting we worked on the plan of action for the AFBF will take to Washington with them to work on throughout the year on behalf of all farmers and ranchers in the US, it is an inspiring event to be a part of and a great honor to represent Ohio.  After returning safely from Atlanta, I boarded a plane 3 days later to head to Denver and attend the National Western Stock Show, which is one of the biggest livestock shows in the country.  I went to hang out and visit with all my cattle friends from all around the country and also to see the heifer that I purchased a long time ago but had not seen in awhile, friends of ours, Missing Rail Simmentals, were taking a pen of three heifers to show in the yards.  I learn a lot about our cattle business while I’m out there and I make great contacts that I use throughout the year to further move our program forward.  This year I wasn’t suppose to buy anything while I was in Denver but those of you that have been there know that you can get caught up in the moment and do something that you didn’t mean too, well I did just that and ended up buying half interest in a really good heifer from friends of ours Longs Simmentals.  This heifer is a full sister to the bull that we bought semen interest in last year, guess that means I like the cow family.

As I am now home from my trip out west it is time to get back into the swing of things here at home, I have work to do (yes I have a job) plus I have 2 animals to get ready for the Ohio Beef Expo and cows to calve and cows to breed.  We have decided to be proactive on our herd health here at Haley Farms and do BVD-PI tests on all of our animals and change up our vaccination program because as new vaccines become available we need to use them to have the healthiest cows and calves possible.  After we take the tests we will be moving the fall cows to their winter home and bring the bull home to put in with them so that we make sure to get calves next fall.

Aaron Douglas Wentling

Some other exciting news in the last month is that my brother Rick and his wife Katie, welcomed my new nephew into the world on January 8th, Aaron Douglas Wentling, I have not gotten down to see him yet but the pictures sure are cute.

Well as I get back to work I will look forward to our next visit, in the mean time take care and enjoy.





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