SS Tatum

Reg# 2491820

SS Tatum

Tatum a daughter of the great Magnetic Lady and she was our choice out of the 2009 New Directions sale.  This cow is outstanding in many ways, she is complete, feminanie, and is the proof is in the product.  Her first to daughters sold in the 2011 New Directions Sale and they were both crowd favorites, one at $5000 and the other at $4000 and the new owner are so thrilled with those girls.  Keep your eyes peeled for this years calves, we are so excited they look awesome.

Embryos available out of STF Dominque and GLS Yahoo

Flushing opportunities available

SVF NJC Jewels Dream N54

Reg# 2225383
SVF NJC Jewels Dream N54

SVF NJC Jewels Dream N54

Jewel has been part of our program now for just about 3 years and I’ll tell you what she is earning her keep.  She is very consistant in the number of eggs that she produces for us each time.  On top of the production of embryos, her calves are just plain good every bull that we have tried has worked they stand out amoug the rest of the calves and we are thrilled.

There are embryos available from Jewel and multiple matings such as FELT Next Big Thing, JF Shock & Awe, K-Ler Make it Rain, GLS New Direction, TNT Ever Ready and LMF Movin Forward.

The 2014 Spring set of calves out of Jewel look great again.

Contact us if you are interested in getting in on some of these great genetics.

Flushes are also available.


STF Gunner T787

STF Miss Gunner T787
We choose Gunner out of the 2013 STF sale and we are so glad that we did she is a sound structured, solid made red cow that we were looking to add to our program.  We are looking for great things from this awesome cow.
Embryos available out of this donor

Longs Miss Toshia

Reg# 2389574

Longs Miss Toshia

In 2007 we made a visit to Iowa and found ourselves at the Long’s Simmentals and we were lucky enough to stumble upon this heifer out in the pasture with her mom as a pair.  As of 2012 this is the only heifer out of that cow and I will tell you what she is outstanding.   Toshia is an outcross to all the mainstream bulls in the breed today.  This cow is power from end to end and I wish we had a whole pasture of her.

Embryos available out of Steel Force

Contact us for Flushing information.





Haleys Cashmere 990x

Reg# 2568049

Cashmere is a daughter of the great Magnetic Lady.  This young cow has proven herself to be worthy of the donor pen and we are looking forward to her future in that part of our program.

Embryos will be available this spring

Flushing opportunities available