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Why Animal Abuse?

  Yesterday I wrote a post in outrage about a video I saw showing very horrid animal abuse and neglect to calves on a large farm in Texas.  I don’t, nor does the industry support such acts of animal abuse … Continue reading

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No Mercy for Animal Abuse

I just watched a horrific video filmed by a vegan activist group about how one farm very clearly did not care for the welfare and health of the dairy calves.  I just want to say that I am outraged; nobody … Continue reading

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Busy Breeding Day

  It has been an extremely busy day here at the Haley homestead.  By midnight tonight we will have bred cows 14 times, 4 of those are donor cows that were bred 2 or 3 times today and yes these … Continue reading

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Load of organic fertilizer

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Give Me Your Lunch Money!

  There has been a battle brewing in Ohio for the past two years.  That battle has been between farmers that have relied of facts and science to ensure that their livestock is well cared for and animal rights groups … Continue reading

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Ohio Livestock Standards Care Board – Big Decision on Veal

  Previously I wrote a blog about the proposed standards that the Ohio Livestock Care Board (OLCSB) made for veal crates in Ohio.  As I mentioned in my previous post the OLCSB faced several challenges in making a decision and … Continue reading

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No Room At The Inn – Oversupply of Organic Milk

  This week I was visiting with a neighbor that began the process a few years back of transitioning his family’s dairy farm to organic.  There are several reasons why a farmer may consider transitioning to organic farming, for my … Continue reading

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Veal Crates in Ohio

Because OLCSB members are bound to an ethical responsibility to adopt animal care standards that are best suited for the farmer and animal and looking at the previous research conducted within the United States I was not surprised when the OLCSB was unable to adopt the suggestions put forth by the agreement between the past governor, HSUS, and Ohio Farm groups. Continue reading

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Got Milk?

There are many benefits to living on a farm; one of them includes watching calves nurse, run, jump and play.  Today I was watching a newborn calf nurse and felt it would be selfish not to share so I pulled … Continue reading

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A Sad Day on Haley Farms

People ask at times about how we feel about the livestock in our care and today’s experience is a good illustration even if this is tough to put down on the blog. If there is a calf that appears to be feeling under the weather, we know that we need to take action right away to make him/her feel better otherwise the calf’s health may continue to go downhill and reach a point that we can no longer help it. Continue reading

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