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Haley Farms was Founded in 1907 by Charles S. Haley.  With a tradition of staying diversified in our agricultural business we have always striven to adapt our business to its current climate in the agricultural world.  Today, in our fifth generation of operation, we are proud producers of hay, soybeans, wheat, corn, and cattle as well as provide services such as custom farming and trucking.

Haley Farms
Mike and Pam Haley
11203 Mullinix Rd
West Salem, OH  44287
419-853-4657 – Home


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  • Pingback: I Work At the Coolest Place in the Universe | Andy Vance

  • Coreymc99

    I wanted to check out your sight and thank you for all the feedback about farming for my paper. I really admire your line of work.


  • Mike Haley :-)

    I was watching catlemen to cattlemen when I saw and heard my name.  Mike Haley  I am from Louisiana and my two kids  show Brahman cattle.  We are all envolved in the FFA and 4-H programs.  My son is a State FFA officer and my daugher is Queen of the Louisiana Brahman Association this year.  I thought it was neat to see another Mike Haley in the world with the same interest.  Hope ya’ll are doing good and I enjoyed the segment of your farm on tv.  Thanks  Mike Haley 

    • http://haley-farms.com Mike Haley

      Wow, nice to meet you Mike Haley! Seems the world is getting smaller every day. Glad you liked the cattlemen to cattlemen segment. Perhaps you know our friend Mellissa Laurent? She has Brahmans in Texas and has a great blog, check it out: http://jmjlaurent.wordpress.com/

      Thanks for stopping by!

  • http://rusmenfarms.com Mendy Sellman

    Awsome website!! Keep up the great work!

  • Travis Hamlin

    I really like this video, everyone in the world should watch this, they need to know what goes on in the farming operations, from start to finish just like this. People would maybe understand that these cows are our way of life. We care about them and need them to be healthy, happy, and comfortable.