Find me in Feedstuffs and Just Farmers!

As several may have noticed my blog posts have slowed down here on the Haley Farms blog. This is in part because things have been pretty busy around the far the last six months.

For those that are unaware I have also started writing a column for Feedstuffs! So far this has been very exciting and has allowed me to share my thoughts revolving around agriculture with a much wider audience.

I am also involved in a new project with Jeff Fowle and Ray Prock called Just Farmers. This project is dedicated to challenging others to explore ways to cultivating conversations and grow them into thriving communities. I invite you to check out and explore our site and let me know what you think!

As for this site, the plans are to continue to use this blog to share updates and thoughts from around the farm. I also plan on sharing select posts I write for Feedstuffs and Just Farmers that readers here may find interesting.





About Mike Haley

Mike Haley is the 5th generation to farm their family farm in Ohio. Currently he farms alongside his father Steve and wife Pam. On their farm they raise corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and purebred Simmental cattle.
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