• All covered in Poop.

    Posted on April 24, 2012 by in Cattle, Farm, livestock care

    We had a cow bloat this morning. I don’t know if she ate to much last night, or just was laying the wrong direction for to long and the gases in her rumen could not escape. Nonetheless she was stuck on her side and could not get up.

    I frantically started to push on her side trying to help while thinking of the tools l may quickly need to help relieve the gas. At last resort I pushed her head around, resulting in her thrashing it back and throwing me in a huge pile of fresh spring cow poop and gave her enough leverage to get up and walk around.

    After a few steps the cow began to relieve herself and, of all things went back to eating hay within about ten minutes while her calf was nursing as fast as she could!

    Things like this are always coming up out of the blue on a farm, luckily this instance resulted in a happy cow even if I am all covered in poop!





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