A new look!

It may be winter, but we have been keeping pretty busy around the farm taking care of the cows, getting equipment ready for spring, seeding clover, taxes, hauling grain to town and on top of all this not only did Pam and I move to a new house but so did my parents!

Haley Farms BlogNot sure how I found the time, or why I decided to do it but I took a couple of hours this afternoon to redesign our website. It still needs a few minor tweaks but I am really liking how it is turning out. If you have an extra minute take a look around and tell me what you think.

~ MH





About Mike Haley

Mike Haley is the 5th generation to farm their family farm in Ohio. Currently he farms alongside his father Steve and wife Pam. On their farm they raise corn, soybeans, wheat, hay and purebred Simmental cattle.
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