Dog Days of Summer are Here

Well it has been a long time since we last posted on here but there has been a lot going on and not much time to relax and take it easy. 

So let me up date you on what has been happening, we have almost finished planting everything it was a rough year and there are a few fields that just did not get done, but Steve just called as he is taking over in the drill for Mike, they are trying to replant a few spots of beans but is having some problems with the guidance system in the tractor, technology is not his friend, those of you that know him would understand.

Mike just ran out the door to get back in another tractor to go bale the rest of the first cutting hay for a neighbor and for my cows (Yea!!!), we went through a lot more hay this past year than normal because of the wet weather and so our reserves are very low and we have to start getting ready for winter.   Anyway speaking of cows we just weaned the rest of the calves for State Fair, so I have to get those babies broke here in the next week so that we are ready to go, they are a little loud yet but that will end soon.  The 3 older heifers that are going are waiting on me to go give them their bathes today but while they wait they have 2 fans to get them through the hot day (can we say spoiled much). 

The mums that we raise are all planted (roughly 600) and doing quite well this year and they are sure enjoying the sunshine the last few days.  If anyone is interested this fall we do sell the mums at 2 different fall markets and also I set up a display and sell them from right here in my front yard.

Yesterday the guys that work for us started testing the combine for the wheat harvest, every year you have to reset everything and grease and then today they took it out to the field right next shop and are running right now.  We start close to home just in case anything major goes wrong at first that way we don’t have to go far for parts.

Oh if anyone needs any attack birds I know where you can get them, (he he) I have swallow’s nests in both the garage on the house where the dogs live and also the garage where I normally park my car.  It seem though that I have been run out of both places and I get dive bombed every time I go outside , it’s pretty normal for this to happen every year but this year’s group is a little more aggressive than most other years.  They will get over it soon as the little ones start to learn how to fly and like my dad always said you never take down one of their nests because we want them to be happy and eat bugs, the more the merrier, well at least till I lose an eye or something.

If anyone wants a late summer kitten let me know these little guys are just starting to open their eyes.

Ok, I better get out and wash those heifers so you all take care and have a very Happy Independences Day weekend and always remember those that gave us the right to enjoy all that we have.  God Bless our Troops and this Country.





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