• Farm week in pictures 5/14/2011

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    Sorry for not getting any farm updates up in the past week, things are finally starting to roll around the farm. For the first time this spring we have been able to get in the fields to get some seeds planted. It was a little rough going as we had three days of planting with rain between each, in fact one day we were rained out on one side of the farm and moved to a field that The rain missed! With over an inch of rain last night and more predicted over the next week I doubt we will be planting much more for the next 7 days.

    We also had our last calf for the spring last week! It was a black bull calf out of a first calf heifer named Reflections. While it was apparent she struggled a bit during birth she was able to have it on her own and is doing a great job as a new mother 😉

    Here are a few pictures from around the farm, I hope you enjoy!


    The cows enjoying their grass after we rotated them to a new pasture!

    Rained out!

    Strip-tilling fertilizer for corn.

    A field of clover that has been strip-tiller. We will plant directly into these strips. As the clover dies and decomposed it will provide additional fertilizer for our corn crop.

    Rained out again!

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  • http://thefarmerslife.wordpress.com/ Brian

    When do you plant the clover and with what equipment?u00a0 Does it die on it’s own or do you have to spray it?

    • http://twitter.com/farmerhaley Mike Haley

      I broadcast the clover seed into the wheat at topdress time in the spring and allow it to frost seed, typically we will get a cutting of hay off of it late in the fall and even early the next spring (wet wrapped) if we need extra hay. u00a0I do have to spray the clover otherwise it would canopy over the young corn, lexar works real well on clover.