• A New Farmer Blog!

    Posted on May 4, 2011 by in Agvocate, Uncategorized

    There is a new blog in town, and I am happy to be a contributor  alongside several other great farmer bloggers accross the country! 

    Farmer Bloggers

    This blog was designed to bring together many of the great blogs various farmers have created together in one spot, yet still maintain the individual blog's identity. After several conversations and a few late nights of manipulating code FarmerBloggers.com was created by several farmers who have a passion to tell their stories and connect with those  interested in farms and farm life. FarmerBloggers.com is a one stop blog where a person can read the stories and opinions of many different farmers and farming styles. Our project is focused on gathering the best content we can and present it in an easy to read fresh format.

    One of the cool features on this new blog is the crowdsourcing component that lets readers vote on each post.  The better the votes the higher it scores on the Post Rating page and Widget.  This allows readers to quickly find the posts that others liked very easily, so if you like one of my posts be sure to vote on it.  On the same token….. if you dislike a post dont vote on it (ok, maybe you should 😉 )

    If you are interested in what farmers are up to, be sure to keep an eye on this site!





  • http://jplovescotton.com/ Janice

    Congrats! The project looks great Mike.