• Farm Photo Weekends

    Posted on April 2, 2011 by in Farm, farm photos, Wordless Wednesday

    I take several photo's on our farm throughout the week, I have decided to compile those photos and share them at the end of each week.  Enjoy!

    Getting Corn Planter Ready For Spring!

    Getting Corn Planter Ready For Spring!


    Bull Calves in Unexpected Snow

    Bull Calves in Unexpected Snow

    Rose's New Bull Calf

    Rose's New Bull Calf!

    Nate J Taylor came to visit my farm

    Nate J Taylor Visits My Farm!

    Nate Taylor herding cattle ;)

    Nate J. Taylor helps herd cattle! 

    Neighbors Sunflower Oil Extruder

    Oil Extruder, First step in making Bio-Fuel or vegetable oil

    Locally Grown Ohio Sunflower Oil

    Locally Grown Ohio Sunflower Oil





  • Beth Lehman

    Who is Nate Taylor, Mike??  Aunt Beth

    • http://flavors.me/farmerhaley Mike Haley

      Hey Beth, Nate is a freind of mine from Illinois.  He works in business development and is currently starting up a company that uses weather data to determine and predict how soon and what fields are dry enough to work to help farmers improve efficiencies and reduce comapction.

  • http://jplovescotton.wordpress.com Janice


    • gerry marteney

      Enjoyed your  presentation at the farm city luncheon
      in Carrollton Tuesday April 12. Thanks for taking
      time out of your busy schedule to share with us!!
                                                      gerry marteney

  • http://www.thefarmerslife.wordpress.com Brian Scott

    Great idea!  Might have to do something similar on my site!

    • http://flavors.me/farmerhaley Mike Haley

      Brian, I just checked them out, great pics!