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#wordless Wednesday: Cow Poop

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No Room At The Inn – Oversupply of Organic Milk

  This week I was visiting with a neighbor that began the process a few years back of transitioning his family’s dairy farm to organic.  There are several reasons why a farmer may consider transitioning to organic farming, for my … Continue reading

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#wordless Wednesday: Sputnik’s dinner at Ohio Beef Expo

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Remembering my Dad… Guest Post by Beth Lehman

Guest post by My Aunt Beth Lehman A year ago, March 12, 2010 I wrote this for my Dad’s memorial. I thought my family would like to see it again as we are all feeling a little heavy remembering how … Continue reading

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Join Us at The Ohio Beef Expo!

The Ohio Beef Expo is quickly approching, and we hope that you take the time to look us up on March 18-20th 2011! If you are planning on attending be sure to check out the Eastern Spring Classic Simmental Sale on Saturday March 19th as we have 3 exciting lots consigned to the sale (listed below). If you are unable to attend the sale dont worry as you can still watch and bid online through DV Auctions! Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Tech Problems

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Trading Twitter

Well to my surprise CNBC has also been following this recent trend among traders and ran a story this morning about how traders and market analyst have been able to harness the power of Twitter in their trades everyday Continue reading

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Veal Crates in Ohio

Because OLCSB members are bound to an ethical responsibility to adopt animal care standards that are best suited for the farmer and animal and looking at the previous research conducted within the United States I was not surprised when the OLCSB was unable to adopt the suggestions put forth by the agreement between the past governor, HSUS, and Ohio Farm groups. Continue reading

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Wordless Wednesday: Spring in Annapolis

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